Welcome to Serra Club Kansas City Missouri

About Serra Club Kansas City Missouri: Since 1947, The Serra Club Kansas City Missouri, a service club consisting of dedicated men and women, have supported the Roman Catholic community of greater Kansas City in multiple ways to maintain and increase the faith of the people of God.

Calendar of Events

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In addition to our regular meetings, Serrans put their faith into action by hosting events. Here are some examples:

  • Bishop Johnston’s Mass & Dinner For Seminarians & Families
  • Blisters for Sisters
  • Chili Dinner
  • Seminarians’ Lake Retreat
  • 5th Grade Vocation Day
  • Tri-Club Luncheon
  • Lunches for Retired Priests
  • Priesthood Sunday
  • Priests and Seminarians Appreciation Day
  • Religious Jubilee Celebrations
  • Religious Sisters Appreciation Day