In addition to our regular meetings, Serrans put their faith into action. Here are some examples:

Christmas Mass & Dinner for Seminarians and their Families Seminarians, their families, the Bishop, and Serrans celebrate the feast by sharing a meal and gifts.
Priests and Seminarians Appreciation Day: Golf, Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, Barbeque and Prizes—we show our thanks to these men by providing a day of fun. Prizes include black suits, clothing packages, cameras, iPods, gift cards, cash and much more.
Blisters for Sisters: a walk to support and show appreciation for the work of these dedicated women.
Chili Dinner: A social get-together with fellow Serrans and others to support the Seminarians’ Lake Retreat.
Seminarians’ Lake Retreat: a few days of fun in the sun held at the Lake of the Ozarks to show our support for our seminarians.
5th Grade Vocations Awareness Day: a two-day event held at St. Michael the Archangel High School discerning vocation options.
Priesthood Sunday: Parish celebrations are organized and “Thank You Cards” are sent to every priest in the diocese.
Religious Sisters Appreciation Day: BBQ and Bingo–a summer event thanking the religious women serving both Missouri & Kansas.
Religious Jubilee Celebrations: religious men and women are honored annually.
S.O.S. Dinner and Auction (Support Our Seminarians): a gala dinner and auction with proceeds going to support the education of seminarians
Tri-Club Luncheon: an annual meeting with the Bishop and the other Serra Clubs in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese.
Lunches for Retired Priests: retired priests share a meal in either a restaurant or in the home of a Serran.