Blisters for Sisters

The former “Blisters for Sisters” walk was one of our main Serra Club 25 activities pre-Covid. We enjoyed your support to say “Thank You” to the religious Sisters and consecrated women of our area, and to help their many ministries. These women dedicate their lives to serve the needs of others by assisting people of all faiths through education, healthcare, food pantries and other forms of service. What started 17 years ago with a walk and celebration was pointed in new direction in 2022 by delivering our appreciation and a catered meal directly to those wonderful women on the first Saturday of May. With Covid on the mend we are planning a largely in-person event, “BBQ for Sisters”, with Mass, dinner, and light entertainment at Visitation Church, 5141 Main Street, on Saturday, May 6 starting with 4pm Mass.

We are raising funds to provide the Jack Stack BBQ meal, and some raffle items for each of the sisters. Plus, we plan to deliver some BBQ meals, for sisters for whom the travel is still a challenge. Would you be willing to support us financially and/or with your time at Visitation on May 6, greeting and hosting these nuns?

This Sisters Appreciation event is not simply a recognition of a fruitful history of service. Religious women are essential to the Church’s response to the challenges of our times. The creativity that has been the hallmark of our Sisters over the centuries is both something to celebrate and critically important to our future.

If you are willing to assist with our hospitality at Visitation on May 6, please email Kevin Connor at [email protected]. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support this event, please mail it to:

Ken Woodward
Serra Club of Kansas City, MO
P.O. Box 480825
Kansas City, MO 64148

Whether you are able to help us this year physically or financially, your support and prayers are very much appreciated, and we would love to welcome you to the 4pm Mass at Visitation on Saturday, May 6.